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Lessons offered at Seven Oaks clubhouse in Wesley Chapel and at Grace Episcopal Church in Tampa Palms

Take Lessons on Guitar…

Learn to play your favorite songs. Learn about music theory. Develop your unique guitar voice. Take a journey that will enrich your life.


First and foremost is having a safe and comfortable environment, providing a high level of visibility while allowing a quiet place to get into the music.

Be it acoustic, electric, bass and be it rock, country, jazz, blues, world and at whatever level – I’m privileged to be a part of the journey and to get you to reach your specific goals

Wesley Chapel Guitar Lessons at Grace Episcopal Church in Tampa Palms

Wesley Chapel Guitar is growing! Cameron is now teaching at Grace Episcopal Church, located on Bruce B Downs Blvd., approx. 1 mile south of I-75

Clubhouse opens at the Ridge and offering guitar lessons

Getting to the lessons should be convenient and provide amenities. The clubhouse at Seven Oaks is just that, located between I-75/275 interchange and Bruce B Downs in Wesley Chapel. If you prefer waiting inside, the clubhouse has a nice cafe with wi-fi while Grace Episcopal Church is 1 only mile from I-75 on BBD with a comfy waiting area

More and more are we seeing the myriad benefits of listening to, studying and playing music. Amazing things start to happen in the brain when you are involved with music! No matter what age group you might be, taking up guitar is a great way to stimulate your mind

There are many different kinds of instructors. My goal is to find out what fires you up and what got you here in the first place, and then begin forging a path that promises growth, education, challenge, gratification and above all: FUN!

Having taught lessons for over 20 years in Massachusetts, Illinois, Virginia and Florida and at places like Phillips Academy, Pingree School, Charlottesville Music, Tampa Prep, Berkeley Prep, Patel Conservatory, Academy at the Lakes – I can show you how to play and I can guarantee that you will be glad you took the step. If you’re already a player and in a rut and you’re looking for a lift, I can help!