Sample Transcriptions: featuring intense time signatures changes plus an old-time fiddle tune

Night Meets Light, outtro bass line by Andy West

(© 1978, Steve Morse, from the Dixie Dregs album “What If” on Capricorn Records. All rights reserved)

Pull Off Your Coat and Throw It In the Corner, Old-Time Kentucky Fiddle tune


Specializing in notating difficult to figure out parts, solos, riffs, etc. Contact me for your transcription needs.  

 I have transcribed guitar and bass parts from such players as:

  • Larry Carlton (Kid Charlemagne” solo)
  • Jaco Pastorius (“Donna Lee” head)
  • Mike Stern (head and solo to “Gossip)
  • Steve Morse (“Night Meets Light”)
  • George Benson (“Billie’s Bounce”)
  • Vitto Bratta (solo, “Wait”)
  • Lyle Mays (intro “James”)
  • Pat Metheny (head, “Pretty Scattered”)

and many more!