Cameron Schmitz

Professional Musician, Educator, Berklee College of Music Graduate

Wesley Chapel

Learn to play the guitar from an experienced teacher who will champion Your Talents!

My Story

I am passionate about playing and teaching guitar. I’ve had the privilege to teach at the finest private schools (Phillips Academy, Pingree School, Middlesex School in Massachusetts) and am currently an adjunct teacher at Academy at the Lakes in Land ‘O Lakes, FL.  I have over the years worked with A-list industry professionals. After graduation from Berklee College of Music in Boston, I did studio work, played clubs in the city and taught private lessons. After getting married, my wife and I moved to Wesley Chapel, FL. Along with raising 2 kids and thoroughly enjoying this area, I continue to teach, write and record music and play out as a professional guitar player.

  • Teaching
  • Live Performance
  • Classroom Education
  • Audio Production and Original Music

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My Recent Work

Teaching Music Theory and BeatMaking & Composition using Ableton Live and Push at Academy at the Lakes ~ Created a Unique, Patented Fingerboard Innovation & exhibited via booth at Summer NAMM show, Nashville ~ String Thieves, house band at Prime 19, Cheval Golf & CC
  1. Jamming with members of Duke Ellington Orchestra and Dizzy Gillespie

    Cameron at Tampa Prep School for a Jazz Clinic with Duke Ellington Orchestra members Buster Cooper and John Lamb plus Lyle Manwaring (from Dizzy Gillespie’s Band)After the show hanging out with Carey Shield and Caroline Daley

     Performed Nights on Broadway at Tampa Prep with Cary Shields (“Rent”) and Caroline Daley (“Annie”) fame.

A-List of Professionals I’ve had the privilege to work with (partial list):



John Lamb and Buster Cooper of Duke Ellington Orchestra

Cary Shields from original Broadway production of “Rent”/Caroline Daley from “Annie”

Greg Hawkes and John Robinson from the band “The Cars”

Dave Brown from Billy Joel

Bob Gay from David Bowie, Chaka Khan

Lyle Manwaring from Dizzy Gillespie Band

Dave DiCenso, drums on Duran Duran and Steve Morse Band tour

Michael Bean, bass on Vinnie Moore releases