Classes Taught by Cameron Schmitz at Academy at the Lakes

Beat Making & Composition taught as an elective at Academy at the Lakes

After securing Push MIDI controllers and Ableton Live software as part of the Push 2 trade-up initiative, the Head of School Mark Heller approved my idea of offering an elective to teach Beat Making & Composition at Academy at the Lakes, a private college prep school in Land ‘O Lakes, FL

This class is a blast to teach – the students are excited to learn about how the software and hardware work, both in sync and independent of one another.

A chance to lose yourself in the creative moment is a much needed component to the school day experience!

Original music is posted to the Soundcloud account created for the class to share and as an artist, to be published!

Music Theory at Academy at the Lakes

Cameron has taught several semester and full year Music Theory classes at AATL for upper division students as an elective. Topics covered include:

  • Rhythm, Meter, Measure, Time Signatures and Conducting
  • Notation of Pitch
  • Scales, including Chromatic, Major, Minor, Modes, Whole Tone and Diminished, Pentatonic and Synthetic scales
  • Intervals, Ear training: both melodic and harmonic and solfege
  • Chord Structures, Figured Bass and Roman Numeral Analysis
  • Performance Terms and Symbols
  • Motivic Development
  • and much more!


History of Rock and Roll

Mr. Schmitz has taught this semester long elective for upper division students.  From the invention of the term by DJ Allan Freed to the Sun Records catalog of the first incantations, through the British Invasion, Psychedelia, Funk, Soul and R&B and into hip hop and rap genres, the span includes 7 decades plus.  It includes the viewing and study of movies including Blackboard Jungle, The Girl Can’t Help It, West Side Story and others.  A truly rocking class!