how to cancel a lesson (
how to cancel a lesson (

To cancel a lesson, simply call within 24 hours of your scheduled lesson and you will not be charged for that lesson as long as a makeup has been arranged (makeups must occur within 3 weeks of the cancelation and can only occur 3 times per year). An example: say you are planning on coming in but you aren’t feeling too well. Call me! I prefer you come in feeling good for the lesson. In addition, my chances of getting sick are greatly reduced! Leave a message or text me and as long as it’s 24+ hrs in advance, it’s no charge and we can try to schedule that makeup. If it’s the day of, you will be charged! If no lesson is made up within 3 weeks, it counts as one forgiven of the 3 per year allowed. Keep in mind: Wesley Chapel Guitar has no registration fees! Also, lessons held at Seven Oaks clubhouse will incur a $5 room rental charge if a lesson is cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice. You will not be charged for the lesson itself. This fee is due to changes to the vendor policy by the Seven Oaks CDD. As long as you give 2 weeks notice, no fee is incurred.

Wesley Chapel Guitar Lesson Policy |  2018-2019

  • No yearly registration fees
  • Simple Payment Schedule:

Lessons are purchased in groups of 4 by cash, check or credit card at the start of each lesson cycle.  You are reserving a period of time at facility where I teach.

Costs:    4 half-hour lessons = $100

4 one-hour lessons=  $200

Cancellation Policy:

Illness:  If you are sick, refunds are not provided but I offer a flexible rescheduling policy.  If you must cancel due to illness, I will offer a few different times to reschedule your lesson within a four-week period.  If you aren’t able to attend during alternative times I’m available, the lesson is forfeited.  This will not carry-over into the next billing cycle of 4 lessons.  Only 3 rescheduled lessons due to illness allowed per year.

Spring Vacations:  I will do all that I can to reschedule 1 missed lesson due to Spring vacation.  However, if we cannot find a convenient time to reschedule within 4 weeks, you forfeit that lesson.

Summer Vacations:  Summers are a bit more flexible.  I have the option of rescheduling lessons earlier in the day since students are off work or kids are out of school. For example: If you are on vacation in the summer, we can try to consolidate 4 lessons into a two week period.  Otherwise, you have the option to give up lessons for 4 weeks but the time-period you have reserved previously, may be given to another student.  When I take a summer vacation, I will alert students and 4-week payment will “carry-over”.

Winter Vacation:  In December, I will not charge for the 4th week of December or the 1st week of January.  The 4-week payment will “carry-over”.

Weather:  If extreme weather conditions prevent us from meeting (ie. hurricane or tornado warning) lesson will carry-over to the next week.

Stopping Lessons:  Please notify me by email at or call two weeks ahead.


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